Existing Spiritually

For those of us who ever feel like they are being judged for being “too charitable”, or “too kind”, for being “unrealistic” in working with the world and the demands or realities that persist, it is important to ask ourselves: in a world where so many people can choose to live by worldly, why can’t people choose to live by spirituality?

It is actually interesting how the question is worded, in which it is asking about people who choose to live “worldly” or by worldly in the world. So to live “spiritually” or by spirituality, would that be for a different planet, time, place? Living spiritually is not limited to the world, so it does not come to define itself off of that basis – so in living spiritually, one is essentially more free. However, living worldly, not only limits one to the world only, but it also prevents people from living and learning of what is really out there, and what our life and living could really mean.

These are of course my thoughts, my reasoning..

Feel free to share your thoughts if you’d like to.

With love,

– Zuhra

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