The Crisis of Yemen

Currently, Yemen is facing one of the greatest humanitarian crises across the world. With over 60% of the population in need of humanitarian aid, this crisis seems as though its resolution is far out of reach. Within this single country you can see all the different issues we’ve been exploring through the Voice of the Child project including poverty, lack of access to education, malnutrition and displacement.

The people of Yemen have been through years of political unrest and now are struggling to survive due to extreme poverty. Since the beginning of the conflict the poverty rate has estimated to have doubled. Millions are no longer able to support themselves and are facing extreme malnutrition. Among these millions of individuals are 462,000 children facing severe acute malnutrition. These are hundreds of thousands of individual children each with their own dreams and struggles facing death simply because of poverty. These children are just like our children, they have unique talents and capabilities which will not be known to the world because they have not been given the environment to flourish in.

It has been estimated that 2 million Yemeni children are now out of school as a result of the conflict. This unfortunately means that millions of children will not be given the chance to develop the skills needed to bring their nation out of unrest. Or, even if the nation does come out of unrest, without an education these children will not have the skills to grow into contributing members to their society. Again, millions of individual children are losing their chance to reach their maximum potential due to the unfortunate external circumstances they have found themselves in.

On top of these issues, the children and people of Yemen also have to deal with all the other struggles which come with living in a country dealing with conflict. In the past year there have been thousands of incidents of conflicts including air strikes. These have resulted in thousands of casualties, each with their own dreams and loved ones who were left behind. Each of these individuals had a life and story which will now not be known to the world. There are millions more which have been displaced and forced out of their homes. All these individuals have not only lost their homes, they have lost a safe place they can go to. With their parents, the children are forced to move between place to place without knowledge of when they will return home. I can only imagine the psychological effects of this on the mind of a developing child. In comparison to how much we in the west try to protect our children during their developing years, these children have been deprived of this protection in order to survive.

The people of Yemen have been struggling for years and it seems as though they will continue to struggle for more. The world has done a great injustice to the people of Yemen and especially their children. If we continue to neglect this issue and these children, they will not only lose their childhood but also the chance to have a safe future.


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