Friends of Zahra Trust: World Hunger Initiative


Currently there are 795 million people around the world who are undernourished1. World hunger has been described as the epidemic of today, and unfortunately children are among the most at risk to the dangerous effects of undernourishment.

In response to the world hunger crisis, FOZT and the Zahra Trust have launched a new campaign to help alleviate world hunger. PancakeMe is an initiative where upon purchasing a custom designed pancake (of various shapes including heart, Easter egg, etc.) we will provide a meal to a needy individual. Our goal is to raise $10,000.00 and in the process feed ten individuals for a whole year. These individuals include elderly, widows and children living in impoverished regions of Pakistan.

Unfortunately, in Pakistan there are currently many families struggling with food insecurity, resulting in many children with insufficient food intake. Many of these children are orphans or children with ill parents who are struggling to continue to work. Within our ten individuals alone, four are 19 years of age or younger. Out of those four, one is ill himself and the other three are working with their guardians to help provide food for themselves and their family.

Although hunger is something which is devastating at all stages in life, for children it is particularly harmful due to the cascading effect it can have. Imagine yourself trying to learn a lesson while hungry. Now, imagine yourself being hungry for weeks on end and trying to get an education. I think you may agree that it is quite difficult. Children who are hungry are known to suffer from multiple psychological health issues, including lower attention span, irritability and so on2. This, on top of the stress that comes with being in an impoverished household, can lead to an unstable mental state.

In the United States it has been found that children from food insecure households have on average poorer academic performance, more symptoms of conduct disorders (fighting, acting out, having trouble with their teachers, etc.) and more irritable behaviour2. In developing nations, where education is already very hard to come by, the majority of the children in impoverished families stop receiving an education in favour of trying to aid their parents. From here the consequence becomes exponential. Lack of an education in many nations can itself be the cause of financial insecurity. This means children who may leave their pursuit of education to help support their families now, may be in more insecurity in the future which will carry on to the next generation.

We hope that through PancakeMe we will be able to provide some security to our ten individuals. By supporting these children now, we hope that they will be given the opportunity to worry less about their next meal and more about strengthening themselves and doing what they love.

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More information regarding PancakeMe and the ten individuals we are supporting can be found at If you would like to get involved or help give back to these individuals please visit