Batual from Friends of Zahra Trust



Hello everyone! My name is Batual Abdul Hussain, I am a third year student at the University of Toronto, studying Molecular Biology. This past year, with the help of the charity The Zahra Trust, I founded the Friends of Zahra Trust (FOZT).

The Zahra Trust is a charity which works to support impoverished individuals and communities in countries including Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Nigeria, Kenya, Afghanistan and more. As a supporting body, FOZT shares the Trust’s mission of providing basic necessities to these individuals as well as resources to make them self-sustainable now and in the future. In the process of supporting the on-going missions of the Zahra Trust, through fundraising and advocacy, we hope to become a resource available in the GTA for those who want to help the needy abroad.

The Voice of the Child (VOC) is an opportunity to learn from children. Unfortunately, there are countless children around the world suffering due to lack of food, education, support and more. VOC will provide a platform where we can spread awareness about the trials being faced by children and their perspectives on the situation. Through their opinions and ideas we hope to not only educate ourselves and our audience, but to also develop practical methods by which we can help them.

Starting this Friday, I will be publishing biweekly through the Aspire Youth website to begin our journey of learning. Stay tuned for our posts and on social media for updates about VOC. Feel free to also reach out to us via social media (Facebook) or email us at

Best wishes,