Voice of the Child

Dear Friends, Family, & Community,


With the coming of this new chapter of the organization, the Voice of the Child project has arisen and will be pursued in the works through collaboration with other individuals and representing charity organizations.

Through this initiative we hope to share what it means, the pursuit of learning through acknowledging some of our most vulnerable communities, and often over-looked communities or demographics. There are many vulnerable populations, but in particular to this project, we look to putting emphasis on what we can and should learn from children. With a specific understanding of perspective, psychology and education this endeavour has been pursued. Often the perspectives of dilemmas and tragedies we face in the world can be easily shifted through listening to a few simple words from someone who may see the world in a much simpler and clearer spectrum.

There are many of us who hold the ability and perspective to see the world as simple as it is – although there are many more of us who perhaps are searching for it or who face times in which they cannot find the perspective of simplicity and reassurance.

Aspire Youth understands life from a simple and essential perspective. We also are here to advocate for those in our community who need our support, and who in supporting we are truly supporting ourselves and fulfilling our own purpose.

Voice of the Child will be an educational endeavour, and different leaders and individuals whom we collaborate with will be specifically introduced.


To read the articles and keep tab with the organization, you may visit the website at www.AspireYouth.org. To support the project further please contact us directly.

The Voice of the Child project will be publishing its first article introducing our first partner in learning, this week!

Keep tab to learn. Looking forward to sharing more soon.


With Love,

Zuhra Mossavi, from the Aspire Youth organization